Codeless Visual Flow Builder. iPaaS from TeamDynamix allows you to quickly build workflows with a visual flow builder – no coding necessary – just click and drag to automate processes and get time back in your day.   

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Supercharged Workflow Building

Mature organizations can have hundreds of software applications in use at any given time. For many IT departments, the idea of wrangling all these systems together can be dauting – especially when there are competing priorities and limited resources. Over time, APIs are usually built, and perhaps some point-to-point integrations. However, without a centralized hub, it is difficult to maintain the integrity of these connections and even more difficult to ensure security and appropriate enterprise usage. This is why so many IT leaders are turning to iPaaS. 

Block Building Methodology

Perhaps the most common use case for iPaaS is the employee onboarding process. This process is often selected as the first to tackle because it crosses so many different groups, has many different hand-offs, and usually needs to be executed quickly. For instance, when HR is ready to onboard, there will be a ticket generated – this can happen in your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platforman IT ticketing platform, or even a system such as Workday. Once triggered, the iPaaS solution can get the process underway. To start, for example, the user gets provisioned in the Active Directory, an email is created, and then a user account. 

Common Use Cases

If you don’t see a prebuilt connector for a system that you need, TeamDynamix offers the Connector Concierge. Using the Connector Concierge service, you can request the connector you need and our team of iPaaS engineers will work with you to create it and add it to the connector library. In addition, any connectors created through Connector Concierge are added to the connector library giving you access to connectors being built throughout the TeamDynamix community. 

Enterprise Integration Playbook:

We’re going to reveal the critical elements of any good integration and automation platform. Then we’re going to drill one level deeper and explain the types of scenarios your IT, HR, sales, marketing, and customer success teams can and should be running. We’ll show you some of our best situations and show you exactly how to execute them to get immediate results. The best part is, iPaaS tools often feature easy-to-use click and drag functionality, meaning you don’t need a dedicated employee building integrations and workflows.

Supercharge TeamDynamix IT Service / Enterprise Service Management

Already using TeamDynamix for IT Service Management (ITSM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), or Enterprise Service Management (ESM)iPaaS from TeamDynamix (TDX) includes prebuilt connectors to the core TDX service and project platform offerings allowing you to trigger scripts from TDX workflowscreate multiple tickets in multiple applications; engage in advanced workflow and routing; monitor and manage alerts; adjust user settings; spawn work items, and respond to webhooks automatically using ticket or asset/CI data. 

Combine Enterprise Service Management with iPaaS to supercharge your organization; trigger complex workflows from service requests such as onboarding, name changes, requests for permits, parking, security clearance, and more.   

No Coding. No Scripting. No Hassles!

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