The 5 Biggest Integration and Automation (iPaaS) Benefits

Organization-wide integration and automation is on the rise. As businesses move to support more permanent work-from-anywhere structures interest is growing in software that makes it easy for any department to integrate and automate actions. Integration Platform as a Service, also known as iPaaS, is an integration and automation solution that does just that. With iPaaS you can bring together separate systems that don’t normally communicate with each other. As a result, organization can realize a number of benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of using iPaaS for your integration and automation needs:

  1. Anyone Can Use It. With the right iPaaS tool, anyone can become a citizen developer. What does this mean? The best iPaaS tools are ones that utilize visual flow builders with drag and drop functionality. These tools are codeless, meaning you don’t need deep technical knowledge to get up and running. The benefit of this is you don’t need to rely on central IT resources to start integrating data and automating your processes. By democratizing integrations, you can free up valuable resources and boost efficiencies.
  2. Data Synchronization. Limited resources often mean you need to make strategic, data-based business decisions. But with data coming from so many systems, and sometimes through manual data entry, there’s a large margin for error. With iPaaS you can pull the data together (and automate manual data entry) to lower your margin for error and get a better, accurate picture of your data landscape. This, in turn, means you can make better data-based decisions.
  3. Automation of Repetitive Tasks. For many, this is a BIG benefit. Within departments such as IT, there are often a list of tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly and monthly. These tasks can be small, but they take time and resources to complete. Using iPaaS, IT departments are automating these tasks. Through automation, they are gaining time back in their day to focus on bigger projects and problems. This is a huge benefit, especially in IT, where resources and time are precious. There are other routine requests that can also take considerable time such as onboarding/offboarding employees – imagine if these types of activities could be automated.
  4. Visibility to Data and Integration Points. As lines of business procure more and more software, organizations are finding that they may have 300-500 applications in use – many holding the same data without synchronization. Connecting these applications is virtually impossible without the aid of an integration platform. Many attempts are made with APIs and webhooks which furthers security risk – does IT have true visibility to the integration points throughout every department and application? When you integrate and automate your organization with iPaaS you can get visibility to all of this. You can see which APIs are in use and by whom, you can see where data is flowing back and forth. By using an integration layer, you can shore up access and secure your systems. In addition, you can get visibility into the workflows being built across departments and be able to better manage resources and processes.
  5. Efficiency Gains. With iPaaS you can see efficiency gains. From automating small daily task and data entry, to fully automating complex processes like onboarding a new employee – with iPaaS you gain back valuable time and resources that you can use to focus on other improvements to keep your customers happy.

Bonus Integration and Automation Benefits

If those five benefits aren’t convincing enough, here are a couple more. Did you know iPaaS can help improve communication throughout your organization? As you know, businesses need to share data throughout their entire ecosystem to avoid any important information from being lost. iPaaS ensures that everyone has easy access to that data, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Additionally, iPaaS helps with security and compliance.

Security is easily one of the greatest concerns for a cloud-enabled solution. Did you know the average company uses more than 300 APIs to support critical business functions and pass data between systems? While APIs can provide critical functionality, they’re also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And with the average cost of cyberattacks rising to $4.6 million per incident, a business has to be vigilant about its security more than ever. With iPaaS you gain API management as well as the tolls needed to create better, more secure connections to all of the systems you use daily.

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