TeamDynamix Releases Commissioned Report: 2022 State of IT Team Resource Drain Report

TeamDynamix Releases Commissioned Report: 2022 State of IT Team Resource Drain Report

TeamDynamix commissioned a report from Information Week to look at IT team resource drain; key findings show that 58% of...

TeamDynamix commissioned a report from Information Week to look at IT team resource drain; key findings show that 58% of IT team members are spending 2-3 months a year on manual, mundane ‘toil’ that can be automated.

Columbus, OH – September 20, 2022 – Information Week and TeamDynamix have released a new market study; State of IT Team Resource Drain. Key findings indicate that IT teams spend an inordinate amount of time on mundane tasks such as password resets, active directory updates, software provisioning, and onboarding/offboarding employees. According to the report, 58% of IT teams spend 2-3 months a year fulfilling repetitive requests from the business; IT leaders are looking to reduce the friction.

Wasted Hours: Where is this time Going?

  • Password resets.
  • IT ticket clean up.
  • Onboarding/offboarding employees.
  • Managing credentials.
  • Software provisioning.

“I refer to this type of work as toil,” states Andrew Graf, chief product officer at TeamDynamix. “When we have highly educated IT teams spending hours, weeks, months doing things like updating the active directory with new employees or group updates, we are missing the big picture. All of this can, and should be, automated so IT Service teams can focus on more strategic work aimed at helping the business.”

Highly skilled IT workers spend much of their time on repetitive, mundane chores to either service their customers or tie together the growing ecosystem of apps and cloud services that support the business.

  • 58% of organizations say their IT team spends 2-3 months a year fulfilling requests manually.
  • 90% of respondents say that manual, repetitive IT tasks contribute to low morale and attrition.
  • 53% of IT teams manage 100 or more applications across their organizations.
  • 30% of IT teams task 50 or more system admins to support all these applications.

Data from InformationWeek’s 2022 State of IT Team Resource Drain survey report shows that IT teams are
spending weeks, and even months, of people-hours per year on the least innovative scut work. When
they do build out automation workflows and integrations, the scripts powering them are often
uncontrolled, lack visibility, and are ripe for redundancies. This is causing significant backlogs and
failing to meet the needs of stakeholders and the business at large.

The report highlights extraordinary wait times by the business for simple automation and integration requests with averages of 3-6 months. The outcome points to a need for no-code automation and integration to minimize IT team resource drain while improving response times for IT Service Management (ITSM) teams.

How to Mitigate IT Team Resource Drain

TeamDynamix differentiates itself from the market by offering a combined no-code platform with a low administrative burden yielding a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The suite includes ITSM/ESM and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) with enterprise integration and automation (iPaaS).

  • Enterprise Integration and Automation: Quickly integrate systems and build automation between applications such as Workday, Azure, HRIS, Active Directory, AWS, DocuSign, and more. Customers leverage a library of pre-built connectors and a visual flow builder to automate routine tasks such as onboarding employees or moving data, all on a no-code platform.
  • Bring ITSM and Project Portfolio Management Together: By combining ITSM and PPM into one platform, customers can benefit from a single screen for work management while also having the ability to visualize and load balance resources across tickets and projects.
  • Enterprise Service Management Made Easy: With a no-code design, customers can easily engage in Enterprise Service Management – extending to departments like HR, facilities, marketing, and more – and these groups can manage their own applications and portals, all without any coding or scripting.

About TeamDynamix
Work better together. Our philosophy is that technology should be easy to use, own, and operate – so we put IT Service Management (ITSM/ESM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) together – on a straightforward platform with enterprise integration and automation (iPaaS). Life is complicated enough; we make it easier.

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