ServiceNow Vs TeamDynamix

TeamDynamix is the #1 ServiceNow ITSM Alternative

As ServiceNow customers contemplate IT budgets and staffing, many are questioning the expense associated with owning and operating ServiceNow. TeamDynamix offers enterprise ITSM/ESM and PPM with an integration and automation layer – with a lower TCO.

With a full-service implementation and support team, we can deliver white-glove service without the need for a third party.

  • White Glove Migration & Support Services
  • Full life-cycle ITSM & PPM
  • Conversational AI
  • Enterprise Integration & Automation
  • No-code Configuration of Custom Forms, Fields & Workflows
  • ESM Expansion Made Easy

TeamDynamix was recognized with an honorable mention in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant.


ITSM Vendor Rankings Quadrant

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5 Reasons ServiceNow Customers are Migrating to TeamDynamix

No Scripting/No Coding

Easily create custom forms, fields, enterprise integrations and workflows – all without coding and scripting.

White Glove Service

TeamDynamix does not outsource its customers – you will be supported by an expert implementation team.

Lower TCO

Reduce manual processing and eliminate redundant tasks with a no-code ITSM automation tool.

ESM Expansion

Quickly expand across departments without draining your IT resources; easily create forms, fields and workflows.​

One Platform

Better Together – when ITSM/ESM and PPM are together, you can optimize resources and workflows.​

TeamDynamix Helps ServiceNow Customers Move Forward

We understand that software migrations can be time-consuming and can impact the effectiveness of your team, and that is why we put such an emphasis on your implementation. We do not outsource our customers – all of our process consulting, implementation, training, and ongoing support services are offered by our own resources. We have a proven methodology that helps you get up and running quickly.   

  • Fast configuration with a no-code platform 
  • Quickly design custom forms, fields & workflows 
  • Create enterprise integrations & automation 
  • Gain visibility with dashboard widgets 
  • Design custom technician workspaces for faster access 

TeamDynamix offers a complete ITSM platform that can be easily expanded for ESM.  The solution offers a simple, easy-to-use interface with integrated Project Portfolio Management. Easily adopt the ITIL framework and drive best practices across the IT Service Desk. Leverage the stellar portal to improve self-service adoption, and implement KCS for better KB management.

  • Expedite resolution with incident & problem management
  • Incorporate Asset & Change Management
  • Conversational AI
  • Deliver a stellar portal & KB
  • Custom dashboards & reporting

With TeamDynamix, you get ITSM/ESM with Project Portfolio Management (PPM) already baked into the platform natively. A single license to the platform gives you the complete solution - reduce licensing costs and gain full functionality. From basic teamwork to agile, KANBAN and waterfall - you can easily create new projects and manage a portfolio of work.

  • Engage in resource capacity planning, project planning
  • Access project data and dashboards all within a single platform
  • Get a single desktop view of all work and work allocations
  • Convert tickets to projects or add tickets to a project.
  • Use a holistic approach to service and project management 

Did you know the average IT team member spends 5 hours per week on manual, repetitive tasks like password resets, ticket clean up and software provisioning? That’s 6.5 work weeks per year wasted on tasks that can be automated. With TeamDynamix you can supercharge your ITSM by automating these tasks and freeing up your valuable IT resources to work on more challenging projects. This not only saves time and money, but it can help boost morale and retain your top IT talent.

  • Leverage a library of pre-built connectors to hundreds of common systems like Workday, Salesforce, DocuSign, SendGrid, Office365, Azure and more.
  • Automatically update the active directory from tickets with fast action workflows.
  • Aggregate data across disparate systems (even without the ITSM in the middle)
  • Use a low-code visual flow builder to create automations and workflows between systems.

Because TeamDynamix is no-code, you can empower technical resources within every department to quickly spin up new service applications with dedicated portals - all without the need for technical resources. Each application can house individual knowledge bases with information relevant to that department, as well as service catalogs, custom forms and more. They can also connect back to the larger ITSM ecosystem for cohesive service delivery. 

  • Quickly deploy to HR, Facilities, Legal, Compliance, Marketing and more.
  • Leverage the integration layer to integrate the service applications with the tech stack.
  • Build departmental automations for fast action and reduced manual processes.
  • Create custom forms, fields and workflows on the fly.
  • No need for IT to administer departmental applications.

TeamDynamix Conversational AI can help you change the way you communicate with your end-users. With our multi-channel conversation AI chatbot you can delight customers with quick resolutions and actions – all from a conversation. TeamDynamix Conversational AI uses natural language processing, pre-loaded intent data, an integration hub and a visual, drag-and-drop conversation builder to help you create smart, meaningful interactions that actually solve problems.

  • Chats can come through the chatbot, SMS, Teams, Slack, social media, email or even through active listening.
  • TeamDynamix offers a fully integrated back-end platform that can interface with your business systems.
  • Personalize the conversation with specific data, present forms and take action with process automation.
  • Improve your self-service with TeamDynamix Conversational AI.

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Ranked #1 for Enterprise ITSM Software​

TeamDynamix outpaces  ServiceNow in Product Features and Vendor Experience/Support

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