Conversational AI (CAI)

Bot Integration and Workflow

User personalization will put your chatbot ahead of all others.  Use grab-and-go connectors to gather relevant data from enterprise systems.

Take Chat to a New Level with Personalization and Automation

Traditional chatbots aren’t built to understand natural language, so they typically just conduct a search against a library of content. Because of this, they often fall flat. They rely on your input and are unable to process complex queries offering only basic question/answer pairing – when it works. Instead, you can have meaningful interactions with TeamDynamix Conversational AI.

Personalize Conversations

Leverage a no-code integration hub to personalize conversations and automate fulfillment of requests by interacting with enterprise systems via the bot. Use conversational AI to gather the information and take action for requests like PTO balance, leave of absence or getting a replacement monitor.

Grab-and-Go Connectors

Personalize conversations leveraging your own back-end system data from HR, payroll, CRM and more. Link back to systems like Workday, HRIS, SAP or other applications and use this information along with forms to facilitate the conversation and automate processes. Leverage hundreds of grab-and-go connectors to systems such as Workday, Salesforce, DocuSign, AWS, SAP, the AD and more.

Leverage Forms in Workflows

Benefit from a fully integrated platform and dynamic forms to help facilitate conversations and to pass data between the end-user and back-end systems. The end-user can request things like a day off, a leave of absence, a replacement monitor, a new laptop, or even for onboarding assistance. Use dynamic forms to facilitate data exchange and leverage enterprise data to personalize the conversation.

Live Chatbot Agent Failover

There are times when chatting with a live agent is the ideal next step. In some cases, conversational AI does a great job answering questions and automating request fulfillment yet there is always a need to have the ability to failover to a real person. In TeamDynamix, the chatbot can simply be tasked with gathering information to then inform a live agent chat allowing for a better end-user experience.

A new way to chat with Conversational AI from TeamDynamix

A powerful integration and workflow engine to power Conversational AI.  Create meaningful end-user experiences and take action.

Take Action with Conversational AI

TeamDynamix was recognized as an 'Honorable Mention' in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Service Management (ITSM)

Unified No-code Platform

Imagine a no-code platform that can be leveraged in IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities and more.

Highly flexible, easy to use and all supported by a white glove service team.


Full life-cycle IT Service Management with support for ITIL, assets, change management, portal and KB.

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Manage service requests and projects across your organization with no coding or scripting.

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Tackle projects of any size with a platform that is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

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Enterprise integration and workflow are made easy with Integration Platform as a Service.

IT Service Management Made Simple

Clean customizable interface for the end-user and ITIL views. Easy workflow building. Everything is documented, even automation, so you know all the checks and routing of workflows. Works fast.

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