Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Intake and Governance

Are projects being tossed at you at rapid speed?  Gain control with better project intake and prioritization.

Prioritize, Allocate and Adjust Project Timelines

Use a systematic approach to determine which ideas should be projects with scorecards, prioritization, and outcomes. A project intake framework will help you compile, analyze and evaluate the data required to decide which projects to approve, and then report this information to all key stakeholders and leverage it for ongoing data-driven decision-making.

Improve Project Priortization

Project Intake is the cornerstone of any well-run PMO. With a defined project intake framework as part of the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) process, you can improve the strategic value of your organization by capturing, evaluating and prioritizing proposed projects and operational activities.

Custom Project Intake Forms

With TeamDynamix PPM you can customize the type of information you need to collect and even offer multiple types of project intake forms. This allows you to quickly and easily capture all of the information you need for a specific project - all in one place. Improve how you evaluate your projects for resource, budget and time allocations and share the details on dashboards.

Project Request Workflow

Project requests can include any level of detail such as benefit, effort, cost, risk, project charter, forecast roles and expenses, strategic objectives and more. Workflows can be created and associated with project requests based on division, business area, functional area and more. Requestors can view the status of their project request as it moves through the project request process.

Scoring and Prioritization

Our project request scoring model allows you to build scorecard criteria that directly reflect your scoring needs. You can assign a unique weight to each criteria choice. The criteria can then have an associated weight to increase or decrease its contribution to the overall score. The scorecards you create can then be used to facilitate discussions and presented on dashboards.

TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management PPM Project Intake

Create custom project intake forms and scoring with dashboards to allow for key stakeholders to check project status.

Project Intake and Scoring

TeamDynamix was recognized as an 'Honorable Mention' in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Service Management (ITSM)

Unified No-code Platform

Imagine a no-code platform that can be leveraged in IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities and more.

Highly flexible, easy to use and all supported by a white glove service team.


Life-cycle IT Service Management with support for ITIL, assets, change, and self-service.

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Manage service requests and projects across your organization with no coding or scripting.

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Tackle projects of any size with a platform that is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

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Enterprise integration and workflow are made easy with Integration Platform as a Service.

Project Intake with Capacity Planning

The project intake workflow process is very good. In combination with the Capacity Planner, we can offer a user-friendly project request process and quickly assess, prioritize and resource projects.

Capterra Review

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