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Project Intake is the cornerstone of any well-run PMO. With a defined project intake framework as part of the Project Portfolio Management process, you can improve the strategic value of your organization by capturing, evaluating, and prioritizing proposed projects as well as routine operational activities.

A project intake process framework will help you compile, analyze, and evaluate the data required to decide which projects to approve, and then report this information to all key stakeholders. This data can then be leveraged for ongoing data-driven decision making.

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Creating an Intake Process

Projects are often ‘dropped off’ – they land on your desk, in your inbox, on your lap. Without a formal intake process, the expectation is that the project will immediately gain a spot in the schedule, resources are assigned, and deadlines are set!

Does this work? Typically, this approach results in an entirely overwhelmed team – deadlines are rarely met, and budgets are overrun. An effective PMO will institute a formal process – with a project review cycle, prioritizations, and approvals. Even if you do not have a PMO, you can do this. TeamDynamix supports the project intake process via a project request that can easily be accessed through an online portal.

Capturing the Project Request The level of detail you can capture at this initial phase is entirely configurable by you. Project requests can include benefit, effort, cost, and more such as risk and weighted scoring. Different workflows can be created and associated with project requests based on institutions, business areas, functional areas, and much more. Requestors can view the status of their project request as it moves through the project request process.

Project Review & Approvals
All project requests then move into the TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management platform, where all request related activity takes place.

You have the ability to add project requests to the appropriate approval workflows as well as build them out, score, and measure them against other requests before approval.


Each project has merit in the eyes of the requestor. However, the PMO’s role is to help them organize to gain a broad view of all projects and potential impact on the organization – both in terms of resource requirements and outcomes. Project request scoring can help.

Creating a Scoring Model
Within TeamDynamix, you can create a project request scoring model that is tailored to your specific organization. The system can be configured easily to build scorecard criteria, which directly reflects your scoring needs. Each criteria choice can be assigned a different weight. The criterion itself can then have an associated weight to increase or decrease its contribution to the overall score.

Gaining Organizational Alignment
When deciding upon resource allocation across a set of project requests, the organization needs to view the overall project needs and outcomes. Within TeamDynamix, you can capture strategic objectives in a project request to assist in prioritizing a project. This allows you to weigh quantitative scoring with overall project goals.

  • create a concrete ‘Project Score” using the scorecard
  • evaluate strategic goals and project risk
  • use the resource capacity planner for forecasting & availability

TeamDynamix can capture and calculate ROI.


With TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM), you will have the visibility and control you need – ensuring you can see all potential impacts. The portfolio approach allows you to view a group of projects more efficiently, which helps determine which new projects to take onboard. Depending upon your needs, you can create elaborate plans for advanced project managers or simple task lists for more basic needs. The key to TeamDynamix is that there is a portfolio-driven approach; you can easily optimize resources against multiple projects & tickets.

What is Project Portfolio Management? Simply put — it is the ability to roll-up a set of projects into a bigger, umbrella project container – so that you can view all of the projects in one place – this helps with managing resources, budgets, risk and timelines.

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