Supercharged ITSM/ESM and Project Portfolio Management with enterprise automation. TeamDynamix is designed for ease of use so you can focus on what matters most – your clients.

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IT Leaders in Legal Services need to streamline processes from the IT service desk to project delivery. TeamDynamix can help with one ITSM/ESM and PPM platform. 
Connect internal systems for enterprise automation.

One Unified Platform

IT Service Management and Project Portfolio Management together with enterprise automation.

IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) belong together; covert tickets to projects, workload balance resources, and view everything together on one desktop.

Shift Left with a Self-Service Portal 
Deploy a well-designed end-user portal with a highly indexed knowledge base, service catalog, and the flexibility to deploy multiple portals. Add your brand and structure – all without any coding.

Going Beyond IT to HR, Facilities & Marketing 
Quickly spin up new applications for HR, Marketing, Facilities, and more to achieve true Enterprise Service Management (ESM).
 Deploy multiple portals, and give control to each group – without IT admins!

Project Management Made Easy
Better manage resources and timelines with a fully integrated Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. From Agile to KANBAN to Waterfall or basic task lists; you can see it all in one view.

Integrate with Enterprise Systems
Easily connect to systems such as Workday, Azure, DocuSign, Office365, AWS, and hundreds more with a complete enterprise integration and automation (iPaaS) platform.

Connect legacy systems quickly and easily using a no-code platform built with a library of pre-built connectors and a visual flow builder.


With TeamDynamix you can easily automate tasks and integrate systems. 

Save time, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your clients. 


See TeamDynamix in action.

Upper Right Magic Quadrant ITSM Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost of the Competitors.
- Gartner Review, Program Manager
Automate IT ITSM with iPaaS

How Many Hours Does Your IT Team Spend on Manual Tasks?

This eBook outlines how companies across all industries have automated their IT service desk to remove the “toil.” From password resets to onboarding new employees, learn how you can remove the friction. On average IT teams spend 2-3 months a year on manual mundane tasks; learn how you can Automate IT for better productivity. In Legal Services time is everything, learn how you can reduce resource drain and improve response times.

ITSM with ITIL Support for Change Management, CMDB, Assets and More

When IT staff rolls out new software or updates existing systems, they often see a rise in the number of service tickets they get from employees and customers. By using a single ITSM platform to organize and manage the plans, execution and communication for new implementations, you can facilitate new technology and maintain the continuity of existing services. 

TeamDynamix ITSM incorporates CMDB-related functionality to service asset and configuration management, meaning each asset and CI are affiliated and visualized. Change schedules and history can be easily viewed and all requests for changes are tracked.

Reduce resource drain and improve IT service desk outcomes with an evolved IT Service Management solution.

Project Portfolio Management Made Easy: Waterfall, KANBAN, Agile, Cardwall and Tasks

PPM software tailored to you — card walls, KANBAN, agile, waterfall, and teamwork task lists – are all integrated with ITSM/ESM. PPM software that allows you to look across all projects within a portfolio is vital. By managing with a portfolio approach rather than managing projects in isolation, stakeholders can see how everything is tracking and aligned with the strategic needs of the business. IT leaders in Legal Services need to have everything in one place for fast access – with TeamDynamix PPM you can.

iPaaS Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For in an Integration Solution.

The rapid growth of enterprise point systems is driving demand for iPaaS solutions to improve organizational alignment and data management in legal services. No-code iPaaS will connect the dots between your enterprise systems including Workday, DocuSign, Office365, AWS and specific point or legacy solutions. Learn how IT leaders in Legal Services can quickly improve data connectivity and automation with iPaaS.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Without the Drain on IT Resources & Budgets

Reduce software costs by moving to a no-code platform that allows for fast and easy deployment to HR, Marketing, Facilities, and more – all without the need for IT resources. Each group can easily configure its own applications and portals.

  • Quickly Spin Up Applications Without Any Coding/Scripting
  • Easily Integrate Into Enterprise Systems
  • Create Multiple Client Portals
  • WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant
  • Quick Search with Elastic Search Knowledge Base
What I like most is how easy it is to use.
- SoftwareAdvice Review

Self-Service Portals Expedite Resolution and Reduce IT Drain

When it comes to reducing ticket and call volume, a stellar portal is key. TeamDynamix makes it easy to create custom portals for any group. 

No Coding. No Scripting. No Extra Fees.

Easily configure to adopt branding, service catalogs and KB with KCS. Optionally create separate portals for different departments or locations that all funnel into one master instance.

See Examples of Stellar Portals

TeamDynamix Self-Service Portals
Info-Tech - 2023 IT Service Management Vendor Rankings - TeamDynamix

Which ITSM Vendor is Right for You?
Use This Vendor Comparison & Quadrant To Evaluate.

Whether you are looking to level up an older ticketing platform, or you are considering migration to a no-code platform, Legal Services IT teams can benefit from this comprehensive report which looks at business value, ease of use, strategy and innovation across ITSM vendors.

Enterprise Integration and Automation
Are a Reality with No-Code iPaaS

With hundreds of applications across the organization, companies are looking for ways to aggregate data, integrate systems and create workflows – without a further drain on IT resources.

To help with this, companies are investing in iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) to connect the systems and build out workflows.

Supercharge ITSM with Enterprise Connectivity & Automation

As organizations look to find new, inventive ways to keep their teams happy and productive many in IT are upgrading their IT service management (ITSM) software – opting to move to codeless ITSM tools that offer flexibility for a lower total cost of ownership. 

Integrate Your Ecosystem of Applications for Better Workflow

Create automation for on/off-boarding employees, synchronize data across multiple applications, connect recruiting applications to the HR system, clean up old tickets, automate Active Directory updates, and provision software – all on TeamDynamix iPaaS.


Connect legacy systems, Workday, DocuSign, AWS, Office365 and more using iPaaS with a connector library and no-code flow design.

Hot Topics for Legal Services

Unified No-code Platform

Imagine a no-code platform that can be leveraged in IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities and more.

Highly flexible, easy to use and all supported by a white glove service team.


Full life-cycle IT Service Management with support for ITIL, assets, change management, portal and KB.


Manage service requests and projects across your organization with no coding or scripting.


Tackle projects of any size with a platform that is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.


Enterprise integration and workflow are made easy with Integration Platform as a Service.

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