Expanding Service Management in Higher Ed

Expanding service management across the organization isn’t just about “doing ITSM outside of IT.” It is really about finding better means to manage the services offered by the various parts of the organization in ways that make sense for them.

Having a single point of contact for services—from a squeaky door to a failed hard drive to the need to reserve media equipment or the auditorium—can smooth the way for incoming and existing students, faculty, and staff.

Using research data specific to higher education, as well as other resources, this trend report illuminates the way toward service management best practices in institutions of higher learning, as applied to IT and other areas such as facilities, media services, residential life, marketing, HR and more.

Download the trend report eBook and discover:

  • Common service management frameworks and methodologies.
  • Must-have technologies for support centers.
  • Non-IT areas using service management practices.
  • How essential it is to use the right service management tools.




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