TeamDynamix is well suited for corporations where IT resources are often constrained yet expectations for new tech and high growth are on the rise.  For these companies, we offer an easy to use, own, and operate platform that will allow you to follow ITIL4 standards while also incorporating project management for better optimization of resources.

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One Easy-To-Use Platform. Tailored For You.

The Need for Speed in ITSM

Improve ITSM and Project Management

IT leaders at Covenant HealthCare knew their IT department needed a faster, more efficient way to manage service requests and projects. They chose TeamDynamix to be their combined IT Service Management and Project Management solution to help them meet the challenges occurring as a result of the increasing demand for IT support.

“In healthcare, they need quick, fast access — like they are running a kiosk, or at a checkout line,” explains Raymond Hall, the Technology Manager at Covenant HealthCare. “But the amount of data that they need, and the sophistication of the data that they need, is the equivalent of someone sitting down to do a research paper.”

ITSM & Project Portfolio Management

The Perfect Combination

What happens when multiple systems are put in place—each one focused on a single function? Over time, a collection of disparate technologies, each with a highly specialized purpose, can create cumbersome processes. SUNY Buffalo State’s Resources for Information, Technology, and Education (RITE) Support Desk faced this type of scenario when they needed to use three or four different systems to carry out a task. RITE’s Technology Planning and Outreach Team had the same problem and experienced slowdowns throughout the execution and governance of projects.

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HDI Toolkit: Improving IT Maturity

Maturity, as it pertains to IT and IT service management, means the state of people, processes, and technology in the organization, and the achievement of improvement goals based on accepted measurements. Generally, a model is chosen, and assessments are performed, either by the organization itself (self-assessment) or by an auditor from an external organization.

Maturity matters because it shows the capability of IT and IT service management organization to serve as a ready, willing, and able partner to achieve business or organizational goals in a stable and predictable way. In general, states of maturity move from the chaotic to optimized in defined steps according to the model.

HDI Toolkit: Improving IT Maturity with TeamDynamix - eBook
TeamDynamix - Stellar Self-Service Portal Examples

Self-Service Adoption

Imagine if you could reduce your call volume by 70%.

This is exactly what happened at the University of Wyoming, and this was done while increasing student satisfaction. Building a stellar student portal is the key – one that looks good, is easy to use, contains accurate content, and makes sure your system is indexable, AND accessible with WCAG 2.0/508 compliance.

Supporting and enhancing the ‘student experience’ throughout the student life-cycle (from first contact to becoming alumni) is critical to success in higher education today for both the student and the institution. The student experience encompasses all aspects of student life with academics at the heart of it.

Level Up

Taking service management to the next level – IT leaders share how they did it.

Bound by the common challenges of resource constraints and a rapid increase in tech spend, IT leaders in education, the public sector, and healthcare are finding new ways to meet the surging demand for implementation and support services. 

Looking for examples of how real IT leaders leveled up and improved service management?Here are six IT Leaders who have introduced new, innovating thinking to service management.

TeamDynamix eBook - Leveling Up Service Management from IT Leaders

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