The Evolving State of Campus-Wide User Support

In their 2016 survey focusing on technology, computing, and eLearning in Higher Education, the Campus Computing Project identified the top five campus IT priorities over the next 2-3 years.

  • Hiring and retaining qualified IT staff.
  • Assisting faculty with IT instructional integration.
  • Upgrading and enhancing network and data security.
  • Providing adequate user support services.
  • Leveraging IT resources to support student success.

Led by Founding Director Kenneth C. Green, Campus Computing cites the survey as the “largest continuing study of IT planning and policy issues in American higher education.”

Green states that “Perhaps not surprisingly, the list of the top five IT priorities has been fairly stable for the past several years.” However, while the list may not be a surprise in the world of IT, it should be noted how one particular priority – the goal of providing adequate user support – is evolving for many institutions.

User support is something all campus groups must focus on to drive student retention. Each group often has its own way of addressing support, but therein lies the problem. The processes and services that Group A uses may be completely hidden from Group B, creating redundancies, error-prone reporting, and wasted resources, which can all lead to a poor student experience.

While it has long been commonplace for departments to operate largely independent of one another, the areas of services and support are getting a fresh look by institutions eager to consolidate and streamline the processes that are so crucial to maintaining satisfaction levels. East Carolina University is just one example where outdated tools and methods have been put aside in favor of a campus-wide approach to service management.

Get the full story behind East Carolina’s transition to serving the university community with service management across campus.

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