Combating Resource, Budget Limitations with Codeless Platforms

From IT Service Management (ITSM) to Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS), organizations are seeking no code platforms that allow for faster, more flexible deployment.

The global pandemic has caused a shift in the way business have to operate. Many find themselves running with limited resources and limited budgets. In addition, IT skills shortages are causing many organizations to find creative ways to get work done. One of these ways is by enabling “citizen developers” through the purchase of low code or no code platforms. According to Gartner, a no code platform can give employees a 4.6X productivity gain when compared to traditional programming. That kind of speed to market can be huge.

What Does No Code Mean?

Low code/no code solutions have been gaining in popularity in recent years because it democratizes technology that used to be available to only developers and makes it available to anyone. Unlike traditional scripting, these platforms feature prebuilt drag and drop actions and tasks that you can use to build out flows and automate actions. By using a no code or low code platform you can save your staff time and money.

Why CIO’s Should Care about Codeless IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management platforms often form the foundation for many organizations’ service management processes. Because they are so integral, it’s important they don’t drain already scarce IT resources. This is why so many CIOs are turning to codeless ITSM solutions. With the right codeless ITSM platform you can:

  1. Reduce Administrative Resources – Codeless ITSM systems will allow organizations to manage the platform with less than a full FTE; this could be to create configurations, to create new workflows, to setup an automation or even to create a new form.
  2. Faster Expansion for Enterprise Service Management (ESM) – When you consider the evolution of ITSM platforms, one key development has been the expansion to enterprise service. The concepts and structure that worked so well for IT, are now working for other teams such as HR, Marketing and Facilities. However, to really make this work, the platform needs to be truly codeless. This will allow for quick and easy spin up of new applications for various groups and then with segregated admin, each group can easily manage their own application. For instance, if HR wants to create a new form for “Register Child for Bring Your Child to Work Day” – this can be done. HR can create a form, add the widget to a desktop for tracking and even put a button the portal – all without the assistance of IT resources.
  3. Enterprise Integration Made Easy – When systems run in code heavy environments, it makes integration harder. This is another reason why CIOs are seeking codeless platforms that can be more easily integrated.  ITSM platforms such at TeamDynamix are now also using codeless iPaaS to facilitate enterprise integration and workflow.

For CIOs looking to relieve budgets and reduce drain on resources, there is a way forward with codeless platforms.  This will give way to allocate budget to more strategic initiatives such as enterprise integration leveraging iPaaS platforms.

Benefits of Codeless Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

When it comes to Integration Platform as a Service, aka iPaaS, it’s even more important to have codeless functionality. When you use iPaaS to integrate your point solutions and APIs you can unlock a level of productivity you’d not be able to reach otherwise. Using iPaaS throughout your organization can enable the citizen developers through your various lines of business in marketing, HR, facilities, etc. to integrate and automate some of their most time-consuming activities. For example, in HR you can use iPaaS to fully automate the onboarding or offboarding process for employees. One simple action, like a signed offer letter, can kick off a series of event-based triggers that fully automate the creation of an employee record, the provisioning of technology and equipment to even sending a welcome gift. By enabling your staff through a codeless iPaaS solution, you can increase employee satisfaction, productivity and increase revenue.

To learn more about how codeless platforms are supercharging organizations or all sizes check out: Smart Service Management: Working Better Together With a Connected Enterprise

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