ESM - Event Management

Manage workflows across the entire organization. Plan and execute events in a single platform from start to finish.

ESM - Event Coordination Tracking

Manage workflows across the entire organization. Plan and track events in a single platform from start to finish.

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Get the most from your events

Events can be big or small; they can pop up out of nowhere, or they can be planned years in advance. Regardless, all events need oversight, planning, and resources. You can do all this and more using a proper project management platform that connects to your organization’s larger service management platform. Events are complex and any issues that crop up need to be resolved quickly. Communication is critical. Event managers can benefit from a project planning and task management tool. 

  • One portal for all Event Requests 
  • Online Knowledge Base for Sharing Information 
  • Combined Project Planning Card Wall, Agile & Waterfall  
  • Integrate Marketing & Sales Systems for Better Data Management 

Using a service management and project planning platform allows you to group all event-related requests; align them to timelines and resources, and then track the progress and report the outcomes. 

Working better together with a connected enterprise

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based platform that connects different systems, technologies, applications on-premise or within the cloud. It enables companies to deploy and maintain integration flows without using middleware and specialized hardware between a company and third-party software or within an organization.

Work Better Together
Connect People, Process and Tech
On One Enterprise Platform

Integrate Data & Automate Process Across Systems

With TDX iPaaS, you can leverage a library of connectors to easily integrate core systems – from asset management, inventory management, reservation platforms, event booking systems, and more.   

You can integrate these systems and then build workflows to move data, or create business process automation.  Combine TDX iPaaS with the TDX Enterprise Service Management platform to supercharge your service and delivery capacity. 

No Coding. No Scripting. No Hassles!

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