Has the rapidly evolving landscape in healthcare left you behind?

The pace of change and evolution within healthcare is daunting and supporting the emerging technology is critical. Are you ready to get up to speed with this digital transformation?

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Move up to a platform that reduces headaches and chaos while helping you deliver more value, faster.

The Need for Speed in Healthcare IT

Healthcare improves ITSM and Project Management

IT leaders at Covenant HealthCare knew their IT department needed a faster, more efficient way to manage service requests and projects. They chose TeamDynamix to be their combined IT Service Management and Project Management solution to help them meet the challenges occurring as a result of the increasing demand for IT support.

“In healthcare, they need quick, fast access — like they are running a kiosk, or at a checkout line,” explains Raymond Hall, the Technology Manager at Covenant HealthCare. “But the amount of data that they need, and the sophistication of the data that they need, is the equivalent of someone sitting down to do a research paper.”

Better Together

Moving Toward One Platform for ITSM & Project Management in Healthcare IT

As tech spend continues to increase in healthcare, CIO’s are faced with competing priorities and a lack of resources. These challenges arise from the need to evaluate IT budgets and place the emphasis of tech spend on transformational initiatives aimed at impacting patient outcomes. All of this can result in budget and time overruns.

To overcome these challenges, organizations are looking at how service requests are made and routed to improve response times and outcomes. An integrated work management platform combines service management and project portfolio management into a centralized hub to help governments gain visibility, automate workflows, enhance efficiency, and ultimately provide better user experiences.

TDX eBook - ITSM and PPM in US Hospitals and Health Systems

The Price of Innovation

8 must-reads for hospital CIOs looking to get the most out of IT

As requests for services and support from end-user groups begin to accelerate dramatically, healthcare CIOs are turning to solutions that offer comprehensive solutions to their IT service management and project management challenges. The healthcare industry is both different from and similar to other industries, along a variety of dimensions.

When it comes to information technology development, senior healthcare information technology executives face some unique constraints and challenges, including those around cybersecurity and the sensitivity of patient data, and the tremendous fragmentation of data across the healthcare operating environment.

Overcoming the Impact of Rapid Tech Adoption in Healthcare IT (HC Innovation)

Formal project intake and governance coupled with self-service support portals help to optimize resources in Healthcare IT.

Faced with steadily rising demand for IT support of all kinds, including individual and project support, healthcare IT executives and managers are having to develop leading-edge strategies to manage that demand. We executed a survey in collaboration with Healthcare Innovation to look into some of the core challenges and opportunities in the current landscape around healthcare IT and IT project management.

Download this white paper to explore how to optimize resources and gain better control of IT projects while operating in an environment with a rapid increase in tech spend.

White Paper - Overcoming the Impact of Rapid Tech Adoption in Healthcare IT

Keeping Project Updates Visible!

Healthcare IT leaders and how they are addressing long-standing IT service management challenges.

Simply seeing a hurdle is typically easier than clearing it. Consider the following: Healthcare IT professionals had no trouble identifying obstacles, as 44% of the more than 100 respondents who participated in a HIMSS Media survey cited lack of resources to manage help desk tickets as one of the top challenges for IT service management (ITSM) operations, 25% poor internal communication, and 34% the inability to view resources across tickets and projects. Relatively few survey respondents, however, recognized solutions to these problems.

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Project Management - One Size Does NOT Fit All - ppm lp

The Price of Innovation

Turn to technology to make project management more effective.

Project management in healthcare—like in most industries—is fraught with challenges. Whether you are chasing resources for task updates or bridging the communication gap between departments, a flexible project management platform, helps. The key is to create a usable solution that can get you the results you want regardless of the project’s complexity.

One size does not fit all when it comes to project management. Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Card Wall, and task lists are all formal methodologies. However, the degree to which they are leveraged depends on both the project type and the level of resources contributing to the overall effort. A sophisticated PMP may need one view while team members may need another. Learn how to make it work for everyone.

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