ITSM Roundup: 5 TeamDynamix Customers Share Their Stories

Whether you are starting from scratch or replacing an existing ITSM tool – it can be helpful to hear from peers who’ve gone through the process and come out the other side successful. That’s why we’re highlighting five TeamDynamix customers who are using TeamDynamix’s IT Service Management tool to better their ITSM practices and scale service management across their organizations.

Sunnyvale, California

The City of Sunnyvale was looking for a two-in-one cloud-based SaaS solution that could handle service desk tickets, project management and time tracking. During their search, they found TeamDynamix. Using TeamDynamix for their IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management needs, they now benefit from a single view of all tickets and projects. This helps with resource planning, increases visibility and improves communication. Here’s what they have to say:

Elon University

Prior to TeamDynamix, Elon University was using a different ITSM tool, but it just wasn’t meeting their needs. Their existing software was too rigid and cumbersome to use. Elon was drawn to TeamDynamix because the platform is easy to use and has a low total cost of ownership. In addition, the ITSM tool aligned well with Elon’s processes and approach to IT Service Management. According to Patrick Donohue, Assistant CIO and Director of Campus Technology Support, his team has been able to automate several processes that were done manually before, and they’ve been able to drive user self-service with TeamDynamix – both of which are saving IT employees times while improving the user experience for students, faculty and staff.

“We can meet our customers where they are, in whatever manner they would prefer — by phone, email or online,” Donohue says. “That’s a dimension we were missing before.”

Donohue and his staff worked with two consultants from TeamDynamix to help them implement the system.

“We have been very happy with Team Dynamix’s ability to develop their platform in short time,” he says. “With TeamDynamix, most of the changes we suggest are implemented within the next system update. The company really listens to our needs.”

To read more from Elon check out: Elon Reduces Total Cost of Ownership and Optimizes IT Service Delivery User Experience

“TeamDynamix has allowed us to take ownership of IT service management and create a foundation that we can expand on as our organization grows."

Covenant Healthcare

Covenant Healthcare knew they needed a better way to manage tickets and projects in IT as the needs of employees, doctors, nurses and patients continued to evolve and grow. That’s why they picked TeamDynamix.

Frank Fear, CIO at Covenant, recognized a change was needed as the tech expectations within healthcare started to shift, “Our patients expect technology. They expect certain things like virtual visits, they expect to be able to message their providers and they expect to be able to schedule an appointment online and not have to call a provider to make that appointment.”

And it’s not just the patients who expect technology.

“IT kind of moved from being something that helped the back-office employees, to something that’s involved in everyone’s job all the time,” Raymond Hall, Technology Manager at Covenant Health, said. “In healthcare they need quick, fast access – like they’re running a kiosk or at a checkout line – but the amount of data, and the sophistication of the data, they need is the equivalent of someone sitting down to do a research paper. They’re asking to see a patient’s chart and an x-ray and all of this information, and they want to be able to get to that workstation and see it like that.”

For Fear, he needs the same level of data and sophistication but instead of patient information, he’s looking at the inner workings of the entire IT organization and all of the projects, tickets and requests that come in and out to support the network.

“I have my own CIO dashboard and in one look I can see any negative survey that’s come in the last 24 hours, then pivot over and look at any project that has a status of red that needs my attention, then pivot over and look at what’s going live in the next 30 days, then pivot over and see what critical tickets have come in from the help desk that maybe affect our entire organization,” Fear said. “That’s the wow. I think it’s the pieces coming together in a single pane for me, as a leader, to be able to manage and support our organization.”

Another “wow” for Fear is that they don’t need a dedicated full-time employee to manage and maintain the TeamDynamix platform, “TeamDynamix, we felt, had all of the advanced functionality the other products had but didn’t require the need for a full FTE to manage and support the product,” he said.

To hear more from Fear and Covenant Healthcare, check out the video below:

The Gratz Bank

Timely and reliable IT Service Management (ITSM) is critical for most organizations, but especially for those in the banking and financial industry. Systems need to run smoothly and securely, and any downtime or security issues can be very costly. To meet these challenges, IT staff need comprehensive visibility into technology operations, as well as sound change management processes. The team at The Gratz Bank was initially outsourcing IT services to a third-party provider, but they weren’t getting the visibility they needed to plan effectively.

“We wanted to own these processes ourselves,” said Mark Yerger, Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

TeamDynamix was flexible enough for their needs and had a good price point, according to Yerger.

Now, The Gratz Bank is using TeamDynamix to automate and streamline workflows for delivering IT service, managing projects and change requests, and tracking technology assets. In addition, they’ve expanded the use of TeamDynamix outside of IT – utilizing the platform as a true Enterprise Service Management tool.

“TeamDynamix has allowed us to take ownership of IT service management and create a foundation that we can expand on as our organization grows,” Yerger said.

To read more about The Gratz Bank success using TeamDynamix for ESM, check out: The Gratz Bank Takes Ownership of IT Service Management with Simplified Workflows and Better Visibility into IT Operations

SUNY Brockport

Prior to TeamDynamix, the State University of New York (SUNY), Brockport, was using an ITSM system that was cumbersome and hard to manage. By making the switch to a system that’s easy-to-use, agile and low code/no code – TeamDynamix’s ITSM platform – they were able to meet the challenges brought on by the pandemic in 2020.

When the coronavirus pandemic forced colleges to shift suddenly to remote learning during the spring 2020 semester, IT staff at SUNY Brockport, quickly revised their institution’s service catalog — making it easier for staff and students to find critical support. 

Such a swift response never would have been possible with the IT service management platform the university was using before.  “We wanted to be more timely and agile in making changes,” said Director of Information Technology Services Stephen Cook.  

Cook and his colleagues are glad they made the switch. With TeamDynamix, SUNY Brockport now has a service management platform that’s easier for both IT employees and end-users alike, a no-code solution that doesn’t require much overhead to manage — backed by a company that is a full partner in the university’s success. Add to that, TeamDynamix costs less to license and to operate over time. 

“We realized our ‘super’ users could actually make those changes quickly for themselves because it’s more agile, with a graphical user interface,” Cook said. “That would allow us to make changes on the fly.” 

As a testament to the system’s ease of use, implementation began in April 2019 with a team of four people. By July 1, SUNY Brockport had completed Phase 1 of the implementation process, which included launching the ticketing system, service portal, and knowledge base. 

“We had a service catalog and knowledge base already, but we had to recreate these within TeamDynamix,” Cook said. “We did all of that in less than three months.”

Because TeamDynamix is so easy to use, it’s transforming the delivery of IT service at SUNY Brockport. “We’re revisiting our business processes on the fly, which is improving our service,” Cook concludes. “TeamDynamix allows us to do that. We couldn’t do any of the things we do now with our old system without a significant increase in time and resources.” 

Want to read more about SUNY Brockport’s experience? You can find it here: TeamDynamix’s Ease of Use Helps SUNY Brockport Transform IT Practices

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